Designs of logos refers to an identity from which your company will be recognized by. A corporate Identity that will represent you in every medium no matter you are there or not but your design of logo is. How amazing eh? That’s the most cost effective promotional tool which doesn’t signify you on the world wide web or at the company’s bill boards only but you can use your company’s logo in various stationery items like brochures, flyers, T-Shirts etc.

Illustrative logo is one of the logo design types. They are more comprehensive and little multifarious as compare to graphical/ combination designs of logos. These illustrative designs of logos are actually in the pictorial form and generally represent the features of company’s product and services. Illustrative logo designs portray the main concept of business, sometimes company’s name too.

But the dilemma is that Designers of logo become too enthusiast while creating illustrative logo and start confusing so many colors and make it overtly designed. What should be considered is that the illustrative logo must goes well with the nature of company and must not be looking the art piece only that has only and only artistic features. Illustrative logo is the most influential and heart-throbbing part used for developing the corporate identity of your company. It must reflect the company’s professionalism hand in hand with aesthetic sense.

Illustrative logo must illustrate the nature of the business, highlight the quality they maintain and efficiency in everything they do and project principles on which your company is founded on. Size, fonts, designs, images should be considered on the highest priority. And last but not least the creativity must not be neglected when it comes to the style of designing logo.

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